August 2018

Biosensing: A plantar distribution sensor

At the moment I am prototyping a lot for Enso (, NTT Data’s co-creation space here in Munich.

One problem with innovative technology is always explaining and discussing it with clients. We are living in a fast-paced world and hear new buzzwords every day. Blockchain, Virtual Reality, AI, Biosensing, Edge Computing,… Considering different backgrounds one might think: What is this all about?

As a technologist, it is our responsibility to make the new technology understandable for everybody. Fear often occurs when we have an unclear view.

One project that I worked on the last weeks was a plantar distribution sensor that could explain the term biosensing to clients (which will be a huge trend in the next years). The prototype makes it possible to collect data about your plantar distribution using pressure sensors. A nice UI helps to turn data into knowledge by utilizing rich visualizations.

The tech stack:

  • NodeJS
  • React
  • Particle Photon
  • Plantar distribution sole from Aliexpress