ADAS Prototype for MWC ’18

I was two weeks in the Silicon Valley in January. I worked there for the NTT i3 to develop a prototype for the MWC ’18 & the NTT R&D Forum ’18.

The showcase is based on Anki Overdrive ( and has some toy cars that are driving on a track. Basically, the whole thing works over Bluetooth, so you can collect the position data and send out commands. What I built, is a collision detection for a crossing tile, an overtake when going with two cars and an obstacle detection, that can detect a tree on the road and avoids the collision on the road by instructing the car to change the lane.

The whole prototype runs on the NTT i3 edge computing device cloudwan ( in a docker container. It is a Microservice application with modules for controlling the cars via Bluetooth, the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that can avoid collisions, the object detection and a UI. The whole application is a mixture of technologies like NodeJS and Golang that communicate through WebSockets. As the cars are really fast and do a complete round in 6 seconds, the system needed quick response times.

View also my slides here:

Here is a video in action:

The whole code is available on Github at (Repositories starting with edge-*):